Thursday, September 30, 2010

A quick project!

 Hello, hallway!  Straight in front is the kids bathroom the door to the immediate right is a closet, and then the kids rooms are set back a little down at the end of the hallway on the right.
 Gary and Felicity played for so long, so nicely in Zepherin's cradle.  They came up with the idea all on their own... the mattress served as a little table, and they had quite the feast with all their play food!  It was so cute!

 Here's my latest project!  I bought the fabric yesterday and finished it today! 
 Zepherin, today while I quilted!
 Here's my latest sewing area.  I love the pull out area for my mat and ruler.  I know it's meant for a computer keyboard, but this just works great for my cutting!
 Here's a couple more house pictures.  I love that there's room for my hope chest to be out in a more viewable area!

 Zepherin enjoying his cradle!
 I love when babies are still little enought that their feet and legs just curl right up against them.... they look like little froggie legs!
From this view where I'm standing, Ben and my room is directly behind me and the hallway shown earlier goes off to my right.  The door on the left that you see a bit of is a linen closet and there's one more door just between me and the hopechest, that leads up to the full attic.  I LOVE our home!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

A snapshot

Felicity and Gary helping do dishes
Soapy hair
Gary needed to have soapy hair, too.
Another view of the kitchen.... pizza rolls for dinner!  Yummy!
He's grown so much already!
Halloween costume for one of the boys. 
They're not sure which one will actually wear it yet!
Since I just took a picture of Gary, Felicity felt that I now "HAD"
to take a picture of her, too!

Monday, September 6, 2010

A few house pictures!

Chocolate Pudding Fun
Hunter's Bed
Playing in the big boys' room
First french braids!!
Riding his trike in the driveway.  It extends another 50 feet or so behind where I'm standing, too. 
They all love riding in the driveway!
Oh, and I think I'm in love with my clothesline!  I use it all the time!
Here's the backyard.  Complete with climbing tree and trampoline!
(the neighbors behind us were paving their driveway, and all the kids loved
watching the tractors and steamrollers do their work.)
If you found Elderberries in the back yard..... wouldn't you think to "paint"
your hands and feet, too?! 
This is the 4 season room which we call the play room. 
The huge tub of legos is always out. 
Another view of the kitchen/dining area.  You are looking through the doorway into
the music/library room, and through there you can see into the living room.