Monday, December 7, 2009

St. Nicholas Night!!!

Here's our boots out on the doorstep ready and waiting!
The boys were very excited! They took turns helping each other check on the boots through the front window. Yes... we all still believe around here! It's great!

Finally he came!!! Gary got little wooden cars and trucks and such with some reeses pb cups.

Felicity received a little doll and a Christmas headband.

The big boys got a hat and glove set, chapstick and a little lego set. They were so amazed at how well St Nick did. And kept praising him all night for how he just knows everything! (Thanks, boys!)
Oh, and each one of them got an ornament for the tree. St. Nick gives them an ornament every year.
P.S. This was the very first year that "I've" been St. Nick. It was really fun!


  1. Such fun! I'm so glad St. Nicholas was so good to you all! Felicity looks darling...and Nathan looks like quite the Bronx boy!!! Wish we were closer during the season!!! Love you all!

  2. Yay! We do St. Nicholas is such fun! It looks like he picked out the perfect stuff for your family!