Thursday, November 4, 2010

The seed bin is done!!!

Here is before..... kind of!  It originally had rolltop lids on each one, but they were all broken so we removed them.  The veneer on the front panel was all broken and warped so that was removed also.

this was my first time using spray paint!  How fun!!

each of the 4 big kids has their own bin to keep school backpacks, boots hats and mittens, shoes, etc!

Having this out in the garage for so long, and then working on it outside -- I didn't quite realize what a massive piece of furniture it was until we got it inside!!  I love it!

It serves as a divider in our mud/laundry/entry room.  Have I mentioned that I love it?!

I just had to take a picture of this.  This is what it looks like just inside the back door!  Got Music?

And this is Zepherin sound asleep in hishigh chair!  So cute!


  1. You amaze me Robin. I love it. And Zepherin is so so cute!

  2. What a creative idea!

  3. Oh boy. Now I need to add a "Seed Bin" to the list of cool things to be on the lookout for!
    Very clever!

  4. How totally cool is that. I love it.
    Great job.
    ♥ Joy

  5. the little girl in the pink shirt looks like a doll in that seed bin How tiny!