Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Back today and leave tomorrow!!

There's nothing like summer vacations! We just spent a fabulous time in Maryland with family for the long weekend. We leave tomorrow for MA for more family fun! But, back to MD -- we went to Six Flags on Saturday... it was a blast! The boys were perfect for going in the kiddie-land, yet adventurous enough to ride some bigger rides also! Nathan had no fear, and rode a big roller coaster for the first time! He rode in the back the first time, and when it was over he rode again -- this time in the front! Ben and I took the boys on one ride that we got completely SOAKED on ! It was really fun! Gary just happens to be 36 inches tall, so he was able to go on so many rides! He had a great time! The tea-cups nearly did him in, but Nathan was there to save the day... bumper cars, logs flumes, giant swings, etc!
We also did tons of lego playing, eating, baking, gardening, laughing, and loving!
I hope you enjoy all the pictures!

Gary was so excited to ride "the tractor!" Ben mowed his parents whole yard which took an hour and 15 minutes, and Gary stayed on it the whole entire time!
Ben and the boys rode this ride, and were completely soaked! I rode the first time with Ben and the big boys, then all the boys went a 2nd time with Gary. It was short, but tons of fun.

So tired! This was at lunch after lots of rides. Then they woke up and did some more! I sure do love my double stroller!

It's hard to see, but Grandy, Papa, Ben and Nathan are in the last two rows here! Nathan rode it 2 times! He's determined never to ride in the back again -- only the front.

Here are the three boys ... I don't remember what the ride is called, but it lifts them up and drops them down. It's very tame.... Ben indulged me, and the 2 big boys rode it once first, then after I saw what it was like, they rode again with Gary.
Here are those tea cups I mentioned! Hunter really liked to spin, and of course they're all going up and down, and around at the same time that they're spinning, so Gary's head was lolling back and forth. It was so funny to watch! We had Nathan put his arm around him, and after that Gary just rested his head on his arm and was fine.
This is the classic pirate ship that swings you back and forth. If you look closely you'll see Grandy, Ben, Gary and Nathan two rows to the left of the center mast. Nathan has his arms up in the air loving it! Nathan and Ben rode it twice, but the rest of us were perfectly content to watch!
A happy train ride!

boys and planes....
We went on lots of other rides besides these, and had such a fun day! It was hot, but overcast, so no unbearable sun beating on us. Plus, there were little to no lines at all! It was a fabulous time!

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