Monday, August 31, 2009

Felicity's Quilt!

Somehow I only got 5 hours of sleep last night. Ahhhhh! However, I had an amazingly productive day! My house looks great! The incentive...... I wanted to quilt this evening, and I just couldn't justify doing that if I didn't do "house" things during the day! So I finally put the backing on Felicity's quilt! It matches the curtains I made for her room, and I love it! I'm all about making a beautifully pieced quilt, however, I've also wanted to do one like this for quite some time. It's all stripes! The fabrics were all fat quarters that I had bought at the best little quilt store called "The Whole Nine Yards." The were all bundled together in a bakers dozen. So beautiful! I love that without all the fancy piecing, it really becomes all about the great fabrics! I used a really pretty pinky minky for the backing -- and no batting at all. This is the 2nd baby quilt I've done this way and I really like it! It turns out so soft, and cozy -- just right for Felicity to sleep with each night! I'm sure it won't be long before the two of us are having tea parties on it, too!
Here's the finished product. Right now I quilted 1/4 inch in from the brown around the entire quilt. I couldn't decide how to do any other quilting on it. I thought about an over all random design, quilting each stripe in a different design, just outlining each stripe, etc ..... I think that in the end I've decided that I don't want a lot of quilting on it. There's no batting that needs to be held together or anything! So I'm going to come up with one simple design -- probably like a big flower, and quilt that on it! I'll post a picture when I'm done -- it won't be tonight since I really need to stop and sleep! Happy quilting everyone!
I love to make quilts!!!!!!!!!!!

Quilting around the top edge.

This is all trimmed, and ready for the pinky minky to be folded around to the front for the binding

Another view before the binding.

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