Monday, June 15, 2009

A Time To Learn

Things I've learned today.....

1. Don't ever try to paint a room with 4 children "helping you"!

I'm attempting to paint Gary's room, and Nathan and Hunter are so ready and eager to help! So I put Gary in his crib, Felicity in her bouncer, and the big boys and I in painting clothes! It was pretty intense!! No major catastrophies -- though I don't recommend tempting fate....

2. I learned (again) how wonderful my neighbors are!

We needed our car to be in two places at once, so I called on one of my neighbors to pick up the boys from their half day of school. She has a son at the same school, so she was more than happy to help. On top of that she brought over a big bag of clothes that her children had outgrown. Felicity and Gary are going to be very well dressed for the next 2 years!

3. If there are only 2 minutes left on the timer for the cookies in the oven, don't leave the house!!

Yes, I put someone in charge of taking them out, however......!! I know how I get when I'm on the phone with my sister, so lets just say that the same is true for Ben being on the phone with his brother! We had "chocolate" cookies!

4. No matter how hard I try, Ben will still beat me at "Dr. Mario"!

After the kitchen was clean this evening the boys, Ben and I had a "Dr. Mario" tournament on the N64. It was great! Best of three with teams. I think that in all the games we played they each beat me at least once! And Ben can come from behind like you wouldn't believe! So much fun!!!

5. Don't leave an 8 yr old unsupervised to put his own marshmallow fluff on his crackers!

I seriously couldn't believe it! You could barely see the cracker itself, and the fluff was about 2 inches high! Ahhhhh! I must say he was very good about letting me "help him" spread it out!

6. Apparently there's an unwritten rule that says once you turn 2 yrs old you automatically know how to climb out of your play pen!

Enough said.....!!

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