Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A place of my own!!!

I've been looking around lately for a table. To me, it's been very exciting! With no more crib in our bedroom it leaves a little corner just for me! So my plan was to find a desk or table or something that I could set my things up on not necessarily have to take them down! It'll save some mess downstairs, and just plain make me happy each time I see it! So this morning Nathan & Gary traveled down to the West Village in Manhattan and picked up not one, but TWO tables! I found them on craigslist (my favorite!) I'm very excited! They're set up in our bedroom just waiting to be covered in fabric, paper, patterns, etc. I can't wait!

Maybe a design wall behind the table...... !?
Now I just need to find a chair!! Happy quilting everyone!!

1 comment:

  1. That looks like a great work space.... for a start!
    You can stuff plastic tubs under the tables and then you will be amazed how much you accumulate. :)
    As for a design wall- a simple vinyl tablecoth that is flannel backed will work wonderfully. the fabric sticks to the flannel. Or you can get the big pink insulation foam board at Home Depot, cut them down to 6'wrap it with the table cloth flannel side out or with cotton batting. Then to use them- you clamp them together up at the top and when you are done- they slide under your bed or behind your door. They are lightweight and portable.
    Love your old Singer... I use a 1920 Singer Red eye treadle- love it!
    Good luck.