Monday, February 8, 2010

Mud, Mud, Mud !

So a couple weeks ago we had an uncharacteristically warm day. My sister was here visiting with her children, too. So after the boys got home from school, we had a mud day! We got the boys dressed in their old clothes, and we shared some with Rebecca! They had an amazing time!
This hole in the back yard is the boys allready.... all through the year they work at it. Digging, filling it in again, digging it deeper, etc. It's completely their own. It had rained, and thus -- the mud.
Of course it didn't stay in the hole! It soon moved to the trampoline! Have you ever jumped with mud?
It can't get much better than this! This is a pure WALLOW in the mud.
Now, I must say... We had them strip down at the back door, and then go straight into the showers! We hosed off their clothes on the back deck, along with the trampoline, and then put all the dirty things right into the washer!
The mess was bigger than we had anticipated, but it was a great mud day!

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  1. I remember having a mud day when I was little. Our mom let us mix up big buckets of mud, and some of the neighbors came over, and we had a huge mud fight. It is one of my favorite child hood memories. You are a cool mom.