Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Nathan's early birthday

We recently celebrated Nathan's birthday. A little early, since we weren't going to be all together as a family on his real birthday. He requested that we go to VanCortlandt Park and sled, so we did!
The first hill.... with Gary waiting at the top for his turn.
This was actually on the way back to the car... Ben was pulling all three little ones on the sled. Tired out kids!! (Great Dad!!)

This was the 2nd hill, and the better one. They started up a little further back from where they are now, and crossed the path where I'm standing to take the picture. Then the go down through some turns and cross the lower path also. It was a great run!
Back to the first hill again, for Gary's turn. I love his face! Such good brothers!
This one is when we were first starting out. The two big boys and Ben had a snowball fight.

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