Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter vacation

The kids and I drove up to Nana & Grandpa's house for winter break! So much fun with snow, cousins, sisters, parents, etc.

I sure love him!
Here's Nathan on his actual birthday. He isn't a fan of cake, so we did an ice cream cake! SO delicious!!!

The snow was perfect! Hours and hours were spent outside, sliding, and making tracks, and playing, etc. It was wonderful to watch. I'm so glad that even though we live in the city right now, that my boys aren't "city boys".

All three of them out in the far back just enjoying it all.

If you look really closely you'll see Hunter at the tippy tippy top of this pine tree. He was so pleased at how high he got! He's been climbing trees with Nathan since he was 2 so, thankfully, I wasn't nervous in the least! I've gotten used to it!
The 5 of us!

Some indoor playing with cousin time. This happens to be a boat, in case you were wondering. Hunter just fell out. It was great to see them using every bit of their imaginations together!

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