Monday, October 4, 2010

A Memory House

I've always heard stories of Nana-lee's house.  Ben has so many fun memories of being there, and playing there.  I was excited to finally get to be there, and see for myself all the places and things I'd heard about.  He was right!  Her house is so fun!!

                                      Papa and Gary playing together.

                                                Part of the backyard
 Everything seems to have stayed with the fashion of the years when her children were younger.  So here's her bedroom.
 Each room in the house is equipped with an intercom system.
 Chrissy, Ben's sister, had fun exploring closets, and came across some old wigs that Nana wore when she was younger!
 Stairs...and if you see the white wrought iron (spelling?!) that goes on the 2nd floor ... One of Ben's memories of this house is climbing out along that the whole way across when he was little.  I'm so glad that Nathan and Hunter didn't think of trying that!
                                The old radio built into the kitchen.
                                 Anyone who likes "vintage", will love this old oven! 
                       I can't even describe the way the door opens.  It's really cool!
 Another part of the back  yard.  This thing the boys is on is so awesome!  It's like a swing, that goes left to right as they push on it.  Really really neat!
Another part of the back.
Playing hide and seek in this house was amazingly fun!  So many doors and rooms and closets.... the options were limitless!

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