Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Wedding, Baptism and Blessing!

Felicity all ready for church

Hunter asked for a red and black cape for his birthday...
I had a great time making it!

He's thrilled!  Ben actually borrowed it just last night to wear
to a gig!  All the musicians dressed in costumes!

We had a great weekend in upstate NY with both of our families! 
We had a great sealing/wedding reception, baptism, and baby blessing!

All the seats are filled!  The kids did great in the car.  Nathan and Hunter
took turns reading out loud to each other from "The Sea of Monsters" and they
all played with toys.  We really enjoyed the fall colors as we drove.

Me, Hunter & Ben

Zepherin Benjamin Britton was blessed.  This was the first photo, and to be sure he didn't close
his eyes again we got the picture below!


Hunter and Zepherin's special day!

3 yr old cousins

Nana and Grandpa and Zepherin

The only 2 girl cousins!

Rebecca was quite the little Mommy!

Zepherin's cute little outfit was given to him by his Nana-dear and Great Grandpa. 
It was really special because that is the same Great Grandpa that he's named after!

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  1. How fun Hunter got baptized the same time Zepherin go blessed, that is how it was for Monica and I. I got confirmed the same Sunday she was Blessed!