Monday, October 4, 2010

The second (and 2nd!) (on the 2nd!!) birthday party of the weekend!!

Again, the pictures are not in order, but we also celebrated Felicity's 2nd birthday on Sat.  She loves anything and everything that is pink!! So of course we had pink cake with pink frosting and pink ice cream and pink candles!

 Opening her tea set from Grandy & Papa! 
                                                     Lots of helpers!
 Dressed in her finery.... a tutu made by Nathan, and wand made by me, and Hunter made some hair bows to match, however (as you'll see below) she wasn't as keen on the hair bows.
                                                           4 of 5!

                                  Eating cake and ice cream on her new tea set!
                               Gary really liked all her presents, too!!
                   Dancing in her tutu!  Nathan did such a great job making it!!
                                       Our first tea party!

Auntie Annie was more than happy to wear Hunter's hair bows!!

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