Monday, October 4, 2010

Suprise 80th Birthday Party!

Ben's Nana turned 80 this past Friday and we were able to attend her surprise party down in TX with a whole bunch of family!  These pictures aren't in order, but you'll hopefully get an idea of what a wonderful time we all had.
 Gary waiting for food on the boat.  It was a dinner cruise party!
 Gary using the camera.
 Lots of family and close family friends.
 Musical entertainment was live....  Here's Ben, his Dad and his sister performing
 Felicity fell asleep after awhile, and she slept under a table behind Ben as they performed.  She never woke up, even with all that music right next to her!
 Here's all of us as we waited at the hotel for Nana-lee to arrive. 
 Nana arrived by horse and carriage!  Cowboys seem to run in this TX family (!!) so one of her sons is driving the team, and another is helping her out of the carriage.  One daughter is with the horses, and a son in law is behind the carriage!

 Here she is greeting us all; escorted by her oldest son.  When the carriage picked her up she also recieved 100 pink roses, and a tiara and royal robe to wear.  She was so surprised, and loved it so much!  It was really fun to see her so happy! 
 Hunter with the horses...
 Everyone getting onto the boat.
So much fun!  Happy Birthday, Nana-lee!

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