Sunday, October 17, 2010

My birthday and more!

I heard Felicity calling me one day and found her in the shower with
her clothes on and freezing cold water running!

Here's Ben and Nathan practicing together.  Ben taught him a bass part to Happy Birthday that they played for me on my birthday.  They made me breakfast and sang, and played!!  It was so great!

Here's Ben.... he made my delicious birthday cake which is cooling on the back of the stove, and he's preparing to make an amazing chicken parmesean.  Yummy!!

Gary and Felicity playing!

Nathan and Hunter playing!

Too much partying!  She fell asleep right in her high chair!

Happy Birthday to me!

Hunter picked our a beautiful fingernail polish for me!

New shirt.  (Hunter was really enjoying taking pictures!)

We finally got Zepherin's crib set up.  Until now he's only been sleeping in the cradle that my Dad made for him.  He's starting to need a bit more room, so we took the doors off one of the closets in our room, and made him his own little "nook"!

Here's the other side of our room.  The master bath is in between the two dressers!

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