Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Animals & School & Random

Here's a domino creation that Nathan "insisted" I take a picture of! He's so great!

I visited Nathan's class at school this morning. He was anxious to show me exactly "how things were done". Right now they are in 2 groups. One is working in the hallway on some math games, and Nathan's group is inside reviewing some math for a worksheet later this afternoon. His teacher is wonderful! If you look behind the whiteboard that they're working on you'll see that she has painted the entire wall behind her with chalkboard paint! It's awesome!

Despite what you all may think..... we did see other things besides Hugh Jackman at the farm! The kids loved seeing all the animals! Deer, Goats, Sheep, Emu, Horses, Peacocks, Llamas, Donkeys, and even more that we didn't see!

Nathan was keeping an eye on this little goat who eventually pushed her way right out through that little fence! I turned her right around and got her back in quickly, but all the kids around thought it was quite the emergency!

Even Gary was able to feed the goats!

Gary really loved meeting Thomas the Train!

As for Felicity, she just sat as happily and prettily as could be! I just love the bows!

We rode the tractor up into the orchard to pick apples.

Nathan, as always, found a bug! This one (which is now in our freezer with the others) was a great looking stick bug! How in the world does he find these things!!

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