Thursday, September 3, 2009

The dragon's lair..

Yesterday the three boys and I went to the library up the street. We each got library cards and had a great time picking out books! They were most excited about a book by Ralph Masiello: "Dragon Drawing Book". It's a book that we've gotten before from our library in Rochester so they were delighted to find it here as well! We spent the afternoon with them choosing a dragon, me drawing it, then them coloring! What a blast! In fact , it earned me the title "Best Mom Ever!!" from Hunter! What more could I ask for! Love my boys!


  1. Keep in mind it's a step by step drawing book. I must admit being just a little proud of how they turned out, though!! lol

  2. So I just got this book ƒrom the library because it looked so cool. I haven't gotten to try it out yet, but I am excited. Have you tried any oƒ his other drawing books?