Saturday, September 26, 2009

Castles and Kings

What a great project we did today! The boys were entertained for literally hours this morning working together!
Cardboard boxes I've been saving from random places (no I don't buy "citrus punch")!!
Gary loved being near us all, and insisted on sitting IN one of the boxes as he colored!

Big plans!

We have over 2 dozen random partial gallons of paint in the basement that came with hte house. Nathan did a great job picking the colors we needed.
Gary had to be right in the thick of it all! Helping as best as he could!
drying on the grass in the backyard. The plywood you see in the background will be the base. The boys each made 2 castles each, and then they'll go on the plywood that they've painted with moats and grass etc!

I love my boys!


  1. Very excellent project. You are fearless when it comes to trying new things with those boys!!! Awesome!!!

  2. now if those were my boys.... they'd have painted the carpet, shredded the cardboard, and stabbed eachother or themselves with the scissors!