Saturday, September 19, 2009

Lego Love!

So about 2 months ago the boys got a postcard in the mail from the Lego company. It said that a master Lego builder needed their help to build an 8 foot lego Yoda. Well, the boys were thrilled! There was no need to mention that I'm sure every other boy in the area who receives the Lego magazine probably got one, too! To them it was their help that was needed!
So yesterday afterschool we headed off to NJ to help out! There were instructions at each table as to what they needed to make, and then they would give their completed part to the lego master! If you look right behind Ben's shoulder you'll see the 2 foot model of Yoda, which is sitting on the bottom part of the 8 foot model.

Dan the lego master! After they gave him their completed blocks he gave them a voucher to redeem at the Lego store for a certificate. They were thrilled!

Indiana Jones the lego man with my happy boys!

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