Friday, September 25, 2009

Happy Days!

Here are some happy days we've had lately!

Boys taking a break from jumping to have a freezer popsicle! They play so much on that trampoline it's incredible! Everyday afterschool!
Last night we had such a great time at Ben's concert. The band played ONE song and ONE song only, and it lasted the entire concert -- 1 hour 15 minutes! Sounds awkward, but it was seriously amazing! Seriously!! Ben played really well! It gave me a chance to dress up, and the boys were so well behaved! Nathan especially really enjoyed it, and after the concert he went right up to a musician and told him what a great job he did, and how he was his favorite soloist of the night. Then he talked to the director for awhile too, and told him things he liked about it. I was so proud of him!! We had a great time together.

Tonight we had two neighborhood families over to watch a movie. SO much fun!! The two little kids were in bed already, but we still had 7 kids watching "Bedtime Stories" together. Fun, spontaeous, bonding, wonderful.
oh, and in case you're wondering-- yes, I rearranged the tv room. I LOVE IT!

And my very happy day was going to CT and what you see above you is actually 3 quilts! Yay!!!!!

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